You Can Make a Difference

Volunteers are needed for virtually all IFRC programs. From administrative to education and fund-raising to outreach we need your skills and experience to make this work!

Please consider donating some of your time to the IFRC

Executive Director

IFRC is actively searching for a qualified Executive Director to take the reins and lead the charge to fulfilling its mission of education and jobs creation in the residential renovation and remodeling industry. Contact us for more information about this critically important position.


Are you an expert at one or more residential remodeling or renovation disciplines? Are you able to effectively impart your craft knowledge to an eager apprentice or student? If you believe you have the skills then we need you! Please consider stepping forward to learn more about helping to create the next generation of skilled renovators and craftsman. Contact IFRC for inclusion on our internal resource database and we’ll contact you as we move closer to a subject matter event match.

  • Exterior Instructors
    • Fiber Cement Siding Installation
    • Replacement Window Installation
    • Roofing
    • Stucco 
    • Brick Masonry
    • Vinyl
    • Stone Masonry
    • Prep Paint Caulk
    • Demolition
    • Safety
  • Interior Instructors
    • Flooring
      • Laminate
      • Surface Prep
      • Hardwood
      • Engineered
      • Vinyl
      • Concrete
      • Tile
    • Drywall
    • Tile
    • Insulation
    • Prep
    • Paneling
    • Trim and Finish Carpentry
    • Cabinetry 

Advisory Board

The IFRC cannot function if it weren’t for caring and skilled advisors. If the mission and objectives of the IFRC speak to you, please contact us about the ways you may be able to assist us in a high-level advisory or administrative capacity. From legal to fundraising to policy and beyond the IFRC needs to hear from you. 

Event Volunteers

Event volunteers help with anything from registration, to event setup and takedown, to information and marshaling. If you are a versatile and flexible person who is interested in helping the IFRC achieve its goals of creating jobs and rebuilding our residential carpentry and contracting and renovating workforce then we need you!

We are actively looking to build a volunteer base in the greater Houston, TX and San Antonio, TX areas.