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Institute For Renovation Contractors

Welcome to the Institute For Renovation Contractors, LLC (IFRC) in Houston, Texas. The IFRC was formed to provide a not-for-profit framework that supports its mission to educate and assess future residential renovation and remodeling contractors. Read more about the IFRC goals and objectives here.

Have Skills To Share?

IFRC is ultimately about trade skills. Helping to promote credible organizations teaching trade skills. Please step forward and let us know if you have some background that can help.

Supporters Welcome!

Whether you are a single person wanting to donate or a humongous corporation with some resources that will help, you are most welcome!


IFRC is about helping to create more qualified people to learn skills to fill millions of available jobs. One of the major roles is to certify.

Our Mission


LEARN IT. Advocacy programs teach valuable job skills that contribute to rewarding careers in residential renovation, remodeling, and recovery. An industry that is overflowing with excellent jobs that are outsource-proof. We’d like to see shop-class make a comeback!


Safety on the job seems like common sense to most people. But there’s a lot more to the topic as it pertains to skilled trades. We’re interested in helping to promote a safe workplace and long, productive careers for all skilled craft workers.


PROVE IT. Whether you are a seasoned tradesman or a new vocational graduate, the IFRC provides the means to validate your skills beyond all doubt. The certification encompasses theory, experience, and hands-on practical application judged against well-established best practices. There are no doubts about your skills.


IFRC sees ethics as an essential core component for a successful career in skilled trades such as replacement remodeling and contracting. Trust and confidence in people with a reputation for high integrity almost guarantee success.

Career Skills

USE IT. Use your proven trade skills by filling one of the millions of available positions – progress in your career towards many opportunities to expand both trade and valuable organizational and business skills. Certification gives customers and employers alike a high confidence level and a strong preference to support it. 


A career as a skilled craftsman generally means more opportunities and responsibilities over time. IFRC is intent on setting its members on numerous paths to success, including people skills, technology, management, and entrepreneurship.  EXPLORE WHAT WE DO

Help Wanted

you can be a part of us…

IFRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization conceived by volunteers, run by volunteers, and supported by volunteers. Please consider joining or supporting IFRC in some capacity toward fulfilling its mission. We need you! VOLUNTEER NOW

our projects


IFRC Trade Skills Test Station

IFRC has developed and refined a proprietary prototype universal testing station. Reusable & highly flexible design provides many exterior and interior challenges in a small space.

Siding test station demolition

Coordinating a two-day professional siding and windows replacement skills assessment had many moving parts that needed to come together among the challenges: erecting multiple identical test stations.

Projects include many man-hours and resources donated by generous companies and individuals.

Siding Skills Assessment POC

Teams arrived bright and early for Day 1. After briefing and some ground rules, four teams of two professionals were assigned stations and went to work.

Projects include many man-hours and resources donated by generous companies and individuals.

Skills Assessment Site Coordination


Siding Skills Assessment Day 1 of 2

Siding Skills Assessment Day 2

All on-site support staff and the contractor test teams were set to complete day two bright and early. We estimated correctly, and all teams completed the assessment.

Siding Skills Assessment Day 2 of 2

Completed Siding Skills Test Station

One of four completed test stations

The siding master skills test poses many challenges for a pro siding contractor. Successful completion of the grueling exam is proof of an accomplished pro.


Because of our partners, we are doing more good for more people!

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“This is definitely a good test of fiber cement siding skills. If you can do this in the allotted time and do it well, you definitely know what you are doing”.


“I’ve been thinking that we need something like this for years. It’s just what we need”.


“Yes, if a person can come in and do this, they absolutely know what they are doing”.


“This has been an experience. It’s not easy, and you really need to have some experience to get through it ok”.

Learn It.
Prove It.
Use It!