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This is the Institute For Renovation Contractors Certified Siding Master FC (Fiber Cement) course. This course covers material relevant to assessing the base knowledge required for exterior siding professionals. The focus is on theory, best practices, and the various manufacturer’s recommendations for re-siding a residential structure. In addition, established building code requirements in the southern portion of the United States.

The IFRC Siding Master FC course covers a wide variety of topics including product application, tools, and techniques. Likewise, safety and ethical scenarios important to long-term success as a siding contractor are covered.

This course material comprises one-third of the requirement for achieving the IFRC “Certified Siding Master FC” designation. Secondly, requirements for full IFRC Siding Master FC certification include verifiable on-the-job experience, as well as completing the skills assessment.

Who is this course for?

This course is for residential siding professionals. On-the-job experience in the industry, applying siding to residential and/or commercial buildings for a minimum of 2 years is assumed.

Reference Materials

Reference materials for the IFRC Siding Master FC course include:

  • OSHA Jobsite Safety Guidelines,
  • Manufacturer’s Manuals, and Best Practices
    • Power Tools,
    • Fiber Cement Siding,
    • Fasteners,
    • Paint
    • Caulk sealants
    • Flashing,
    • Building Wrap
    • Window and Roofing best practices for residential siding and re-siding projects.